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You own the source code

Unlike other products, HRM One allows you to own and customize the source code as you wish. The source code is written in Laravel (the most popular PHP web framework in the world). The code structure is simple, the source code is good, and the documentation is complete for you to customize

Optimal solution

Calculate salary, track leave for 10, 100, 1000 employees with just one click.
Calculate salary according to formula, calculate and track leave, send payroll… HRM One is designed and works well on all devices, real-time data to help you always grasp.


No limit on companies, department structures, employees…
Support online attendance, connect data with fingerprint attendance machines, download payroll, create QR code for salary payment…
And there are many other useful features. Please see the product demo and enjoy.

Employee information

You have a place to store and access information about employees: personal information, date of joining the company, number of leave days, labor contract tracking, payroll over time, bank account…

Online or from attendance machine

Choose to attend by machine, online or both.
For example: You can configure some employees to attend online, while others attend by fingerprint attendance machine.
Just upload the attendance data to the system, everything will be processed automatically in 1-3 seconds.
Salary Calculator

Calculate salary by formula

Salary calculation formula for each person, for each department. Just configure once for each employee. KPI, lunch money, bonus, overtime… allow you to add any conditions to the salary calculation formula.
Years of experience

From our team

Why we built HRM One?


You will receive the entire source code of HRM One. You can install it on your server or rent our service for only 5 USD / month.
$ 199
  • Full source code
  • All features included
  • No monthly subscription
  • No company limit
  • No personnel limit
  • No additional costs
  • Lifetime upgrade to new version
  • Not allowed to resell
On request
  • Full source code
  • All features included
  • No monthly subscription
  • No company limit
  • No personnel limit
  • No additional costs
  • Lifetime upgrade to new version
  • Add features on demand (15 USD/ hour)

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100% refund within 14 days if you are not satisfied with the use, no reason needed.

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